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Change thoughtfully

All of our transition missions strengthen people and organisations, accelerate change and energize performances.

We organize working methods for improvement. Research, co-create and share responsibility to realize the broader goals of the stakeholders. In this way our customers obtain motivated people, a higher return and an increase in turnover.

At Quasar, we work at the forefront of change management. We’re privileged to work with organizations that are on a new growth journey, one that pursues sustainability, inclusion, and economic growth, all at the same time.

We advise clients on how to build purpose-driven companies that people want to be a part of building. If an organization isn’t meeting its employees’ or stakeholders’ expectations, the cause may be a misaligned strategy across a company's many complex, interacting organizational parts.

We guide companies in optimization and transfer. Our focus is on improving returns and to future-proof your organization. Our team is specialized in family businesses, medium-sized and large companies.

Quasar is managing change, growth, and transformation processes via consultancy, coaching, and interim services. Our experts can help you assess and redefine your strategic goals, then identify and implement the change needed to create a fit-for-purpose business. This is strategy, made real.

Service and support from experts

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Quasar designs and implements changes with our customers

Our commitment and dedication to organizations contribute to their improvement. A consultancy firm of creative specialists who are driven to create solutions for our partners.

In essence, change management is controlling or managing changes. Buro Quasar is committed to successfully initiating, realizing and implementing lasting change. We are goal-oriented, committed and result-oriented with a clear vision of our profession.

As part of the process, we also help teams remove obstacles to co-creation

  • Non-acceptance of new ideas, due to an attachment to old ways of doing things
  • Lack of creativity and innovation
  • Lack of trust and transparency in the team
  • Not realizing their full potential
  • Not achieving optimal financial performance

Based on your business needs and objectives, we tailor our solutions to help you achieve your goals and get the best return on investment.

We are ready for you

Active in the areas of change-, crisis- and improvement management. Connecting and optimizing service, operational and commercial departments. Our focus is mainly on the implementation and management to make sure the goal is met regarding the project. Result-driven and short-term goals with clear end dates. This includes meeting deadlines, staying within budget, delegating tasks and delivering services or products.

Our passionate advisers and managers are at your service. Our team offers almost all types of advice and (interim) management in the field of Communication, Leadership and Conflict Management. We approach it from a generic profile with a commercial basis, in a result-oriented manner. The aim is to systematically and continuously optimize people and the organization. Our satisfaction and strength is to connect human potential with the power of business.

We create support from everyone involved and guide organizations and leaders in the implementation of this process. From process management and branding to the reconstruction of an organization.

With the commitment to connect human potential with the power of business, we guide organizations in the implementation of self-organization or change processes. This leads to a clearly appealing core goal, a clear and safe culture and an agile organizational structure based on self-management.

Service and support from experts

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Communication &
Conflict Management

Business mediation involves a complex interplay of interests, and this is precisely where our expertise and seniority are of great added value. From SMEs to multinationals, we help with mediation and conflict management.

Conflict management focuses on managing conflicts and using the development power of conflicts within the organization. They are a signal that change is necessary.

Conflicts are everywhere. In companies this is handled too late, which results in 'putting out fires'. However, when conflicts are properly addressed, there is a profit to be made! We help you to identify earlier, trace why and how cooperation and communication can run smoothly again.

The result: deepening of professionalism, clear decision-making and more sustainable results.

Conflict management increases productivity

A good vision on conflict management saves an organization a lot of money every year. By proactively designing a step-by-step conflict management policy and clearly identifying everyone's role in it, you as an organization build a conflict-resistant culture. You keep grip and control, reduce costs and absenteeism, and increase the productivity and job satisfaction of your employees.

We function in a time when complexity is becoming increasingly visible. Differences increasingly, unconsciously or unintentionally, develop into conflicts. It is worth giving this a good foundation for people, team and organization. When these differences are used as an engine for growth and development, a conflict-resistant culture is created.

Please feel free to contact us, so that we can tailor a proposal for you. We would like to sit down with you to discuss your case and to lend a supporting hand.
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Please feel free to contact with us, so that we can make a tailor-made proposal for you. We would be happy to sit down with you to get acquainted and discuss your case.